Sustainability Now: Greening Your Company

Thanks to Scott Vanderburg (President and CEO, Reliant Holdings), Andy Castiglione (President, WestAir), and Jillian Evanko (CEO and President, Chart Industries) for their contributions. Sustainability, in a business context, seeks to prevent the depletion of natural resources, so that they will remain available for the long term. The United Nations (UN) has defined it more […]

U.S. Reshoring & Industrial Gas Opportunities

For decades, companies across industries would seek out manufacturing possibilities around the world – taking advantage of less expensive labor, cheaper rents, and relaxed regulations. However, over the last 10 years or so, the tide has begun to turn, and com­panies are gradually bringing back more of their manufacturing operations to the U.S. There are […]

Customer Service & CRM – Reloaded

Thanks to Brent Wingerter (CK Supply), Dave Bent (ECI/EvolutionX eCommerce), Elisabete Gondim (Messer-US), and Dave Beltz (former CIO of Covanta and Versum Materials) for their contributions. Customer service (CS) in the B2B environment is often not a visible area of the company, and frequently overshadowed by the trendier “customer experience” and “customer success” teams. However, when […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Industrial Gases

Thanks to Dr. Dexin Luo (Director of AI, Linde), David Schaer (President, Computers Unlimited), Hector Villareal (President, Weldcoa) for their contributions. The term Artificial Intelligence or “AI” has been around for close to 60 years. However, over the last 5-10 years as computing power caught up with AI’s large data processing requirements, use cases across […]

The Business Of CO2

Special thanks to Chris Carson, Managing Director of BioCarbonics Ltd, founder of Carbonic Solutions BV and Rich Gottwald, President & CEO of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA). Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the top-5 industrial gases with global consumption of about 235 million tons (Mt) annually, primarily going into the fertilizer industry for urea […]

The Business Of Specialty Gases

Special thanks to Matt Adams, Executive Vice President, Electronic Fluorocarbons, Christian Card, Vice President of Sales, Noble Gas Solutions, and Mike Corbett, Managing Partner for Linux-Consulting for their contributions. The content for this blog was published in the November 2022 US Print edition of GasWorld. Specialty gases have become critical components for nearly every industry. […]

US Distributor Update

Special thanks to Ben Bisconer, CEO of Complete Welders, Scott Myran, President of Mississippi Welders Supply Company (MWSCO), Joe Francis, President and CEO of Central McGowan, and Allen Jezouit, VP Product Management, Meritus Gas Products for their contributions. The content for this blog was published in the October 2022 US Print edition of GasWorld. Almost […]

Business Trends and their Impact on Strategy, Growth, and Talent

Special thanks to Freddie Briggs, VP of Strategy & Value Creation for PDC Machines LLC, Rick Kowey, COO of Universal Compressed Air (UCA), Kevin Lynch, SVP of Industrial Gases at Anova, and Sobia Chaudhry, VP of HR at PDC Machines for their contributions. The content for this blog was published in the July 2022 US […]

The Business of Hydrogen

Special thanks to David Edwards (Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide US), David Burns (Vice-President of Clean Energy Development, Linde), and Lars Martiny (Head of Hydrogen Future, The Chemours company). The content for this blog was published in the March 2022 US Print edition of GasWorld. When considering which segments of the industrial […]


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