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Late September, 2018, Art Anderson participated as one of the speakers at a Technology executives event in suburban Philadelphia (sponsored by the Beacon organization) focused on sharing new technology available for businesses. The title of talk was "The Rapid Advancement of Intelligent Automation for business process automation." Approximately 30 people were in attendance, and I shared what is fact versus fiction, a high-level view of the technology, short demo and why someone should be exploring the use of it for their business or clients.

"Robotic Process Automation (RPA): how does it work?
This demo produced by KPMG is one of several public videos that does a good job showing how RPA works. Specifically, this video shows how a process such as the creation of invoices is executed by an RPA tool. You will see how routine activities can be easily performed by the RPA tool based on pre-defined rules. The tool used in this demo is Blue Prism."



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